The Benefits of Adding Protein Powder to Your Juice

Protein powder is worshiped by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders, but most of us don’t include it in our daily diet. This could be due to cost, or simply the myth that protein powder is only for those looking to bulk up. The reality is, anyone can add protein powder to their diet, including those who juice regularly.

Juicing is a practice that is usually undertaken for its health benefits, because fresh juice from greens and fruits contain an abundance of nutrients that are great for keeping the body healthy and young. However, juices themselves lack a very important macronutrient of our diets: protein. For those who work out regularly, just drinking juices as their pre-workout or post-workout boost may not be enough if the workout session is intense in nature. This is where adding protein powder to your juice may be beneficial.

Protein powders are formulated for quick absorption by the body, and are converted into muscle when combined with an intense workout (usually involving weights). They contain high amounts of protein, usually more than 20 grams per scoop of powder. Therefore, adding protein powder to your juice lets you form a more complete snack or meal, something like a balanced meal replacement drink. So if you are going to work out, or if you are going on a juice diet temporarily, add pure protein powder to your juice is certainly recommended.

The key to keep your “protein juice” healthy is to choose the right kind of protein powder. There are many cheap protein powders that can be bought, but the reality is that these cheap products usually contain sugar and other artificial flavorings that are in no way good for the body. Pure protein powders are made of 100% natural products with no added sugars (or only natural sugars like from honey or stevia), and while these good protein powders are usually pricier, they are definitely much better for your body and as an addition to your already nutritious, “clean” juice. So always read the ingredients list before buying any kind of protein powder.

You CAN also get protein through vegetables, if you wish. Just look carefully at the protein content of any vegetables you want to include and make a recipe to suit you.

Of course, do take into consideration that protein powders add calories into your diet, so be sure to “budget” your calories accordingly if you plan to add protein powders into your juice. If you drink too many protein juices, you could end up gaining weight, which is not always welcome if it doesn’t come from muscle. Just be sure to not overshoot your daily calorie allotment and you’ll be just fine.

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